DEV Capital is a private investment firm
focusing on long-term capital growth.

We are firm believers in the notion that trends and opportunities can be identified with thoughtful analysis and judgments about the future. We study and look to understand the environmental, technological, scientific, and geopolitical factors that will impact the future as well as the gray area phenomena on the fringe that could present unexpected challenges or opportunities.

The DEV Capital investment methodology applies deep domain expertise, geopolitical intelligence, and quantitative and qualitative analysis coupled with an applied risk management approach to deliver non-standard returns. DEV Capital focuses investments in four distinct areas.


DEV Capital has made venture investments in a variety of cyber and analytics companies, primarily at the Seed to Series A stage via our Hacker Capital subsidiary


DEV Capital maintains a 90% long public company portfolio focused on multi-year growth.


Our team has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2011 and maintains a long-only crypto portfolio comprised of established and emerging opportunities.


DEV Capital private investments range from land holdings to international beverage companies.

Domain Portfolio

Over the past twenty years, we have built a small portfolio of high value top-level domains that are available for sale.

Idea Portfolio

The non-traditional concepts we use to inform our understanding of dynamic environments.

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